Vintage Style Dresses: How To

Whether you’re a 20s gamine flapper or more of a 70s hippie princess, vintage style dresses are both flexible and versatile enough to be fitted around you. At first only seen in kooky, backstreet boutiques, they slowly (but surely!) grafted into high street chains and stores alike. Only a fool would miss out on an opportunity to turn back the clock, relieve styles long ago and rock a frock of the past.

The greatest issue when it comes to wearing genuine vintage however is of course the age, the more dated the dress, the more likely it is to come loose at the seams and even tear. Unless you can afford the upkeep of your dress, through means such as dry cleaning, hand washing and the ever apparent repairing of stitches and zippers, for most women genuine vintage poses many problems. Nonetheless vintage style dresses are a cheaper, far more practical solution to a wide spread problem.

It’s no secret that styles are used time and time again; both designers and high street brands recycle the past and mould it for the 21st century woman. The fashion elite are always ravenous for something new, scanning catwalks with beady eyes, ogling potential ideas and grilling the designers, if it’s been seen before, it’s not wanted. Fashion blogs flow with fresh and innovative looks and trends, thousands of articles are written about the hottest of styles and journalists and bloggers alike join together to preach about the wonders of searching for that one look. Inspiration however, is the most crucial element within fashion, no idea is totally unique, and every great and prospective fashion trend has sprung from the mind of someone great who was captivated by things in the past.

When buying vintage style dresses however there are two rules every woman must follow, the most important and crucial of those is of adoration. Not only should you adore your dress but the dress should equally adore and flatter you, allow it to highlight your androgynous look or accentuate your elf like femininity. The second and last of the rules is of fun and excitement, if you’re channelling Mad Men or you’re following more of a Wes Anderson vibe, unless you’re enjoying showing off your vintage inspired dress, you may as well be wearing jeans and a jumper.

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